With high political tensions between South Korean and Japan looming at the moment, it has even affected the world of K-Pop as well.

A while back, a petition was filed by South Korean netizens, requesting that Music Bank ban girl group IZ*ONE from promoting on the show as many consider the group to have right-wing Japanese members.

Music Bank Denies Request To Ban IZ*ONE From Show


Music Bank has recently released an official statement regarding the issue.

"The board members of the review committee have not given us any notifications regarding the banning of IZ*ONE on Music Bank, and as such, we simply cannot prohibit them from appearing on the show based on an arbitrary decision. The song to be performed 'You're in love right?' has been approved as appropriate for broadcasting."

Judging by the state of things, it is most likely that K-netizens won't be responding well to this.

How do you feel about Music Bank's decision?


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