Music Bank MC Lee SeoWon Investigated For Sexual Harassment

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Music Bank MC Lee SeoWon Investigated For Sexual Harassment

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According to South Korean news agencies, Music Bank MC and actor Lee SeoWon is currently being investigated for sexual harassment.

In addition to sexual harassment, it has also been reported that the South Korean actor has also threatened his alleged victim with a weapon. The identity of the victim has not yet been revealed but is reported to be a female celebrity.

Police reports say that Lee SeoWon attempted to kiss the female celebrity and make physical contact while drinking together. She then made it clear that his actions were unwanted. However, it was reported that he did not stop, causing her to call her boyfriend for help. Provoked by this, Lee threatened her with a weapon.

Lee was heavily intoxicated during his arrest and interrogation. He even yelled and swore at the police officers as well.

His agency, Blossom Entertainment, has released an official statement and apology saying “there is no excuse for what happened”.


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