MustB Survives Car Accident Manager Passes Away

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MustB Survives Car Accident Manager Passes Away


MUSTM Entertainment

On April 21st at around 3:40 AM in the Olympic highway, K-Pop idol group MustB were in a dangerous car accident.

While the K-Pop idols were fortunate to survive, their manager passed away while receiving emergency treatment after being rushed to the hospital.

According to various reports from South Korean news agencies, the group members and other staff members who were in the vehicle sustained minor injuries.

The exact causes of the accident have not yet been disclosed, but all that’s been revealed so far is that the car drifted sideways while speeding and crashed into a rail.

Stay tuned for updates!


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There may have been car problems. I have had my car swerve into the path of a semi, due to mechanical issues after just having been to the repair shop. I was lucky not to get hurt. I am sorry to hear of their loss and hope that the members are doing all right. While their physical injuries may be minor, I am sure that they still have suffered tremendously. No one walks away from an accident without emotional scarring. My condolences and best wishes for the members.


I’m really sick of hearing about idols in car crashes and by that I mean shouldn’t whoever is driving them drive fucking properly!? I don’t care if they’re late or whatever the issue is, it’s not worth the damn risk! They’re people and you need to do better to ensure their safety! Somebody please tell companies this, or we’ll lose more innocent lives!


Sounds ignorant and unsympathetic from someone who doesn’t know the detail. I know you’re devastated too, but could’ve expressed it nicer.