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Have you heard of American drama "I FEEL BAD" that is currently airing on NBC?

Well, if you have been watching this drama, you might have noticed that on the 11th episode of the show, MYTEEN's debut song 'Amazing' was used in the show!

On the 11th episode, viewers were able to see the children dancing to 'Amazing' and also how the entire family was dressed up in MYTEEN t-shirts, hats and even holding a lightstick!

MYTEEN Made 'Special' Appearance On American Drama "I FEEL BAD'"?


In addition to that, on NBC "I FEEL BAD" official Instagram account, two of the child actors were also seen wearing MYTEEN t-shirt while asking viewers to catch the show.

Netizens and fans of MYTEEN could not believe that MYTEEN's debut song was used in the show and left comments such as "Is this real?", "The grandfather is carrying the lightstick,", "It will be awesome if MYTEEN appear on the drama,", "What a surprise!" and so on.

MYTEEN debuted back in 2017 with 'Amazing' and went to Sweden, Singapore and many other countries for promotion. With that, they are gaining a strong fanbase with fans from all over the world.

Were you surprised to see MYTEEN 'appearing' on "I FEEL BAD" too?


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