MYTEEN, the first boy group to debut from Music Works, showed a refreshing side of themselves as they drank, ate, and cried together on their debut reality show.

On the MYTEEN episode that aired last night, the members gathered their earnings from their one day restaurant to take a trip together for the first time. The boys traveled to GangNeung, where they jumped into the freezing cold sea screaming their aspirations for their upcoming debut.

They then warmed themselves up through a nice spa, followed by a trip to the local market to pig out on dduk galbi, fish cakes, and fried chicken bites. Before they headed to bed, the boys opened a pajama fashion show. After a day of fun, the night soon turned sincere as they were gifted a pack of beer. Song YuVin tried beer for the first time as the boys all shared a deep conversation about their lives so far.

During the sincere conversation, leader EunSoo left to go the the bathroom, during which the rest of the members decided to pull a hidden camera prank on him. Shin JunSeob and Song YuVin amazed everyone with outstanding performances, which ultimately made EunSoo shed tears.

MYTEEN continues to entertain their fans by showing 200% of their true personalities through "MYTEEN GO". The soon-to-debut group's reality program airs every Tuesday at 7:00 pm KST on MBC Music.


MYTEEN Parties With Beer, Fashion and Tears on "MYTEEN GO"

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