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MYTEEN reunites with Japanese fans after 1 year.

Previously on August 18th and 19th, the boys met up with about 500 fans in Tokyo to celebrate the release of their second Korean mini album "F;UZZLE" by having a mini live session and event.

Prior to MYTEEN's debut in Korea in 2017, it was revealed that they have already been getting love calls from Japan. Not disappointing their fans, they held a showcase for promotion in Japan after their debut last year and received even more love than before. With that being said, Music Works announced that they will be debuting in Japan officially with an upcoming Japanese album.

MYTEEN Reunites With Japanese Fans After 1 Year, Official Japan Debut In October

Music Works

During their recent visit, MYTEEN performed their debut song 'Amazing', 'SHE BAD' and also 'Beautiful Goodbye' this time in front of fans. They received applause because of their perfect live abilities. In addition, thanks to their fluent Japanese, they were also able to communicate well with their Japanese fans.

They also held handshake, autograph and photo taking sessions.

MYTEEN will be releasing their first Japanese single album 'SHE BAD (Japanese ver.) on October 24th.

Are you happy for their Japanese debut?


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