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VIXX's N was reported to have taken part in making the choreography for MYTEEN's comeback.

Trained in contemporary dance and skilled in others genre as well, N was said to have participated in making the choreography for MYTEEN's new song. The song is called 'SHE BAD' and it is going to be MYTEEN's title track. Fans are already excited as they were told that it is going to be a sensational and amazing performance.

MYTEEN To Comeback With 'SHE BAD', Choreographed By VIXX's N

Jellyfish Entertainment / MUSICWORKS

Previously, it was reported that N was also complimented for choreographing MYTEEN's 'Take it out' which was in their debut album. As such, many are curious as to what kind of dance moves N will be bringing to the tables.

MYTEEN's comeback title track 'SHE BAD' is a pop song with EDM as its base line. Member Shin JunSeop is also revealed to have taken part in writing the lyrics of the song.

MYTEEN will be coming back with their second mini album "F;UZZLE" on July 10th.


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