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2IDIOTS are back!

For those who might not know, 2IDIOTS is the name of N.Flying members Cha Hun and Kim JaeHyun's joint YouTube channel where they play games, try new things, answer fans' questions, and more! Without a doubt, this is easily one of the most entertaining idol YouTube channels ever. 

In the latest video of 2IDIOTS, Hun and JaeHyun play a game of "Spear and Shield" while eating bingsu. The idea is to finish the bingsu while your opponent tries to make you laugh or smile. If you laugh, you lose and the loser has to pay for the bingsu. The spear can attack a total of 3 times.

During Hun's turn as the shield, JaeHyun tries to shake him by showing him a picture of Romang, his cat, followed by bringing in some secret guests: Hun's older sister, her husband, and their twin babies. Upon hearing his nephew cry, Hun quickly rushed over to pacify him, giving us a swoon-worthy glimpse of him as an uncle but also making him lose.

When it came to JaeHyun's turn as the shield, Hun put on a face full of makeup reminiscent of an older video, which reminded JaeHyun of rapper Kaogaii. However, what was fascinating was that instead of laughing at Hun, he almost ended up laughing at his own comment. His second attack was to show JaeHyun a video of N.Flying's performance of 'Rooftop' at Music Bank where they all wore absurd costumes on stage. When even that didn't work, Hun resorted to good ols funny videos which did the trick.

To see who won, watch the full video here!

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