Girl group Wa$$up will be returning as a 4-member girl group.

Wa$$up’s NaDa, JinJu, and DaIn recently has filed a lawsuit to cancel contracts with MAFIA RECORDS. MAFIA RECORDS stated on 1st that the three will be leaving the group and that Wa$$up will be regrouped as a 4-member group.

A representative of MAFIA RECORDS stated “It (lawsuit) did surprise us because we were preparing for Wa$$up’s comeback in March.” And continued “Wa$$up will be returning as a 4-member group with NaRi, JiAe, SuJin and WooJoo. They will return sometime between end of March and beginning of April.”

MAFIA RECORDS claims that NaDa has conducted activities on her own without the company’s consent, breaching the contract, and has submitted a preliminary injunction to prevent her from conducting any more activities.

NaDa, JinJu, DaIn Leaves Waup, Waup to Come Back in Spring

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