Nam TaeHyun released his first official plan in Japan after his withdrawal from WINNER.

Nam TaeHyun revealed that he is going to have a fan meeting and concert in Tokyo in July, where he'll be  having lots of conversation with his fans and releasing his new songs. He will actively have lots of concerts and fan meetings inside and outside of Korea after his launching promotions in Japan. After his Withdrawal from WINNER, he formed South Club, which was named after his last name (Nam meaning south in Korean).

Now, he said he is going to release his single 'hug me' on 26th of May and a new EP album where Nam TaeHyun participated as a composer, lyric writer, arranger, and also a designer. The album is set to drop  in July.

This is the first official activity since his departure from the group, so fans are highly anticipating for it.


Nam TaeHyun's First Fan Meeting After Withdrawal From WINNER

Nam TaeHyun's Instagram


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