In 2015, Nattyfrom Thailand, was first introduced as a JYP trainee through Mnet "SIXTEEN" in the hope of debuting as a member of TWICE. She was known as the youngest trainee on the show. Despite being the youngest, she had received praises and compliments far beyond her age. She was only 14 years old (Korean age) back then.

2 years later, she had decided to take on the challenge to fulfill her dream once again by appearing through Mnet "Idol School". Many of her fans were surprised by how much she had grown after "SIXTEEN" had ended and the way her skills had exceeded other participants.

In 2020, Natty had finally made her dream come true by debuting as a solo K-Pop idol with debut track 'NINETEEN'.

Natty's Journey As A Dancer : From The Youngest In "SIXTEEN" To A Rising Star Through "NINETEEN"


In 5 years time, fans had witnessed her growth as a singer, dancer as well as a performing artist. Today, Kpopmap will be taking a look at her journey as a dancer and how she has been impressing many with her extraordinary dancing skills.

Natty was praised by Park JinYoung during the evaluation round for "SIXTEEN" thanks to her choreography skills and ability to express the message of the song which she had danced to.

Back then, viewers were impressed by how a young teenager was able to convey such emotions. It had also caused them to wonder how much more she would grow especially since she only had such little training back then.

Many found it a pity when Natty was not announced as the lineup for TWICE and believed that she would definitely become the next big star if she were to continue training hard.

They were right but they also did not expect to see her leave JYP Entertainment as it was an opportunity for her to reach out for her dream.

However, perhaps it was a blessing in disguise as she had once again impressed many thanks to her appearance on "Idol School".

Even though some of the participants might had only meet Natty for the first time through the program, many had already heard of how good and amazing she is in dancing.

Her freestyling skills was also commendable as it is never easy for anyone to match the beats, come up with smooth and interesting moves within such short timing.

In 2019, Natty also made her special performance in "KCON 2019 Thailand" with the cover of SunMi's 'Gashina'. Perhaps it was also the fact that she was performing in her hometown, Thailand, her performance had gained large amount of attention from the audience.

It looked like hard work definitely paid off as Natty had debuted as a solo artist in 2020 with her title track 'NINTEEN'.

Through the light and bubbly track, fans were able to see how her dancing skills had matured over time.

This time, Natty was able to put up an amazing performance together with the help of the dancers.

Together with the easy-to-follow dance moves and happy vibes, Natty has gained many fans from all over the world.

She is also currently holding a dance cover contest for her debut title track 'NINETEEN' and also promoting her title track on various music shows.

There are already many occasions and events when Natty is praised for her dancing skills and it seems like she would only continue to grow as an artist. Many are also hoping that Natty will also be giving various opportunities to show off even more of her talent.

Would you also like to see more of Natty in the near future?


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