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NCT 127 will come back with 9 members, adding DoYoung and Johnny to the group.

NCT 127 will be coming back on January 6th. With the original members TaeYong, Taeil, Yuta, JaeHyun, Winwin, Mark, Haechan, two new members Johnny and DoYoung will be added to this group, making it a 9-member group. They will begin their activities for the second mini album “NCT #127 LIMITLESS”.

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Johnny, who will be officially debuting with NCT 127, has talents in DJ-ing and in piano, and had gained attention for his charismatic DJ-ing performances in “SPECTRUM DANCE MUSIC FESTIVAL” and in the music video of 38th “STATION” song “Nightmare”.

DoYoung has already debuted with NCT U in April, and has showed his talented singing skills and performance skills. He was an intern MC for Mnet “M Countdown”, MC of variety show “My SM Television”, and have appeared on shows like OnStyle’s “Lipstick Prince”.

NCT 127’s second mini album “NCT #127 LIMITLESS” will be released digitally on January 6th, and offline on 9th.

NCT 127 to Have a Comeback with 9 Members

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