NCT 127 Official Twitter

Have you been putting NCT 127's lastest title track 'Kick It' on repeat?

Well, if you have, you might also want to consider participating in #KickItChallenge which the boys had started!

Kicking off the challenge, they had uploaded videos of them taking part in the challenge on their official Twitter account.

Take a look for yourself below!

Members JungWoo and TaeYong looked cool and handsome in their take of the challenge.

As for members JaeHyun and Mark, they did the choreography for 'Kick It' lightly with hand gestures.

Next, members JungWoo, Johnny and DoYoung also hyped up the challenge with a 180 degrees transformation!

They definitely know how to turn the heat up with their sexy moves too.

With these videos uploaded, many NCTzen and K-Pop lovers could not help but found themselves grooving to 'Kick It' and filming themselves for the challenge.

Are you also planning to take part in #KickItChallenge?


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