Group NCT 127 talks about going from 7 members to 9 members.

On 5th, had a chance to talk with NCT127 members before M Countdown broadcast. NCT 127 members said “We came back upgraded, with Johnny and DoYoung joining in the group. The second mini album has been prepared for a long time and we had a great time preparing it, so we’re very confident about it. We want to show good performances to many fans.” and shared their feelings about their comeback.

Continuing, they talked about their concept this time. “We tried to show that we’re carefree as much as we could when we were filming it. When we were actually filming it, we had a lot of fun and filmed it well.”

Johnny and DoYoung, who are the new members, said “We joined in to start activities from the second mini album on-wards. The seven members have been promoting well before, and have prepared the foundation firmly, so we’re able to perform comfortably. We feel that we have to show an improved version of NCT 127 since there are new members, so we worked hard on preparing for this album.” And continued “We’re thankful to be able to stand on stage together with friends we’ve practiced together with since trainee days.”

On the topic of the title song, they said “We prepared for a really long time. When we first heard it, it was hard for us as well and we wondered if we could really pull it off. After a great amount of practice, we were able to perform it well. Honestly, it was hard at times.”

Lastly, NCT 127 said “We joked among ourselves that “2017” feels similar to “127” in “NCT 127”. So we said, let’s make 2017 our year. After receiving the newcomer award, we feel that we no longer are rookies. So instead of rookie sides we’ve shown so far, we want to show our cool and more relaxed sides.”

NCT 127 Talks About the Upgraded NCT 127

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