NCT HaeChan in Controversy of Being Friends with Excessive Fan

NCT HaeChan is in the middle of a controversy for being too friendly with his excessive fans, also known as Sasaeng fans.

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One of the sasaeng fans (A) received a cake from him and wanted to brag. However, another sasaeng fan (B) got mad at him for being friends with A, thinking that he was only being friendly to A. So B and other fans posted up what the conversation with HaeChan. In the chat posted, HaeChan talked about  his members badly – especially his group leader, because he would report HaeChan to the company whenever HaeChan tried to meet up with the sasaeng fan. Also, he talked badly about the managers of his fan page as well.

The managers who are called Homma, shortened word for home master, posted up tweets responding to this rumor.
“I know you are reading this HaeChan, I hope you are sorry for what you have done.”, ‘”The truth is finally revealed.”, “You should have quit when you knew everybody was just keeping quiet of what you were doing. Did you really think it would be alright? You must have had fun.”

At first, fans thought that this controversy was just baseless rumors, however, after they saw the reactions of Hommas (Home Masters), people start to believe it as true.

As this controversy surfaced, many fans posted up bad behaviors that they’ve witnessed HaeChan doing. They are also tracking back to what the members said about him, such as talking on the phone saying that it was his mom, when the other members thought it sounded like a friend.

It’s been clarified that the cake that he gave to A was fake. However, SM Entertainment and HaeChan have stayed silent about the matter. Nothing can be deemed true until an official statement has been made.


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Ryu HwaYoung Adds Fuel to the T-ARA Controversy Fire

Ryu HwaYoung added fuel to the fire with a post on her SNS.

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On 16th, Ryu HwaYoung wrote a post on her Instagram that added fuel to the T-ARA controversy fire. She started the post with “Dear haters”.

“It seems that you want disgusting official statements that say ‘it’s your fault’ ‘it’s my fault’. This all started 5 years ago as we portrayed our disappointments to each other. We were too young and immature.”

She continued, “Dear haters who just wants us to grab each other’s hairs and have a dirty fight, how about you regulate yourself?”

This was a warning to netizens to stop the negative comments towards her. However, many netizens reacted negatively towards this because she was the one who brought up the T-ARA incident again on tvN’s “Taxi” with tears in her eyes. Many netizens pointed out that if she didn’t bring up this topic, the former staff wouldn’t have spoken up, and netizens wouldn’t be hating on her so much.

More information regarding this controversy can be read in the following articles.

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AhReum Leaves a Message to JiYeon After HyoYoung Controversy Came to Light

Former T-ARA member AhReum left a message to JiYeon after the controversy between T-ARA and HyoYoung, HwaYoung came to light.

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On 9th, AhReum wrote on JiYeon’s Instagram “I miss you, our pretty unnis. (I) promise to protect our unnis today as well. I’ll protect myself, so don’t worry.”, drawing in attention.

AhReum also uploaded a post on her Instagram, seeming to stating her position on the controversy. A person claiming to be former T-ARA staff uploaded on 9th screenshots of HyoYoung sending threatening messages to AhReum. HyoYoung has admitted to sending the messages to AhReum, out of her love for her sister.

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