Four high profile K-Pop idols at the moment are making headlines as they've reportedly visited Itaewon during the worst possible time to do so.

According to reports, the four idols were JungKook (BTS), Cha EunWoo (Astro), JaeHyun (NCT), and MinGyu (SEVENTEEN). Itaewon has been flagged as one of the danger zones at the moment due to COVID-19 cases that have been linked to the area.

JaeHyun took to Instagram to write an official letter of apology for not being sensitive to the need for social distancing in these difficult times.

You can read it below.

"Hello it's JaeHyun.

I am sorry for causing a burden for everyone through my actions in these difficult times. Despite the need for social distancing, I went to a restaurant and bar in Itaewon and am deeply reflecting upon my actions.

I apologize to all the fans who believed in me and have been rooting for me. I am sorry for disappointing you. I also apologize to my group members, company, and staff members.

I will be more cautious with every action that I take.

Once again, I am sorry to everyone, to fans, who are going through difficult times because of COVID-19."

NCT JaeHyun’s Handwritten Letter Of Apology Regarding Recent Social Distancing Issue



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