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NCT DREAM had just completed their "NCT DREAM SHOW in Manila" on Feb. 29.

During that time, fans had made their way to the venue to enjoy a night filled with fun and music with the boys.

While the concert had reached the highlight, the members were also seen enjoying themselves and moving around the stage freely.

It was then when fans noticed something rather funny and adorable of member JiSung!

He had actually mistakenly used the light as the mic! One fan had uploaded a video and you can take a look below.

It looked like even JiSung thought that it was hilarious and quickly switched to the mic after realising his mistake.

Fans who had seen the video could not help but shared comments saying that JiSung is really adorable and love how he has also laughing at himself.

Currently, NCT DREAM had returned back to Korea after concluding the concert in Manila.

Do you also find JiSung adorable for making such mistake?


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