NCT U’s Newest Member JungWoo’s Crazy Visuals & Resemblance to WJSN SeolA

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NCT U‘s newest member JungWoo has been the center of attention lately with his gorgeous visuals that allows him to pull off both pure innocence and dangerously sexy effortlessly.

He is also currently under the spotlight because a lot of South Koreans are saying he has an uncanny resemblance to WJSN member SeolA and SHINee’s TaeMin.

JungWoo SeolA, NCT JungWoo WJSN SeolA

Vermillion / SM Entertainment

NCT JungWoo SHINee TaeMin

Instagram / JTBC

What makes JungWoo so attractive besides the obvious is that he looks like a friendly puppy without makeup and turns into a sexy charismatic idol with makeup on.


NCT U recently dropped their comeback single ‘Boss‘. You can check out the MV below!

Who does JungWoo resemble the most in your opinion? Help us out by letting us know in the comments below!


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