NCT’s WinWin Accidentally Hits HaeChan On The Jaw During ‘Fire Truck’ Performance



NCT’s WinWin Accidentally Hits HaeChan On The Jaw During ‘Fire Truck’ Performance

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On September 9th, NCT 127 headed to Singapore to attend the HallyuPopFest 2018 which is known to be one of the biggest K-Pop festivals held in Southeast Asia.

During the time when the boys were on stage, they had fun performing and also interacted with their fans who went to see them.

However during the performance for ‘Fire Truck’, fans witnessed an unfortunate incident which happened between WinWin and HaeChan.

When WinWin was doing a flip, his leg accidentally hit HaeChan on the jaw which caused both of them to fell on stage.

Through the short clip above, fans could clearly see that both members fell onto the ground after the incident. Fellow member TaeYong who had witnessed the accident also helped HaeChan.

Fans who saw what had happened could not help but gasped. Despite the accident, both idols remained professional and recovered quickly on stage, continuing the performance.

Some fans were also concerned about both idols and hoped that they were treated with medical care after the incident.

We hope that nothing serious had happened to WinWin and HaeChan!


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omg haechannie :(( i hope both are ok~