Netflix Korea has just launched a new series that will share Korean culture and tradition in a new light.

Famous celebrity chef Baek JongWon will be hosting a series where he eats Korean food and drinks Korean traditional alcohol with celebrity guests. The show is called "Paik's Spirit". 

Netflix "Paik's Spirit" Shares Korean Culture With Your Favorite Korean Celebrities


The show is meant to be a slice-of-life and warm welcome into the Korean way of dining. The famous guests range from AOMG rappers Jay Park and Loco, famous actor Lee JoonGi, famous actresses Han JiMin and Kim HeeAe, and professional volleyball player Kim YeonKyung to name a few.

It will be a learning experience not only for the viewers but also for the guests.

You can see that in the preview below where Baek JongWon asks Jay Park if he knows why the soju (a type of Korean alcohol) bottles are always green.

Not only will they talk about Korean food and alcohol culture, but they will also exchange wholesome conversations and stories about their real lives. 

The show is coming to Netflix on Oct. 1, 2021. It seems like the perfect feel-good show so make sure to add it to your watchlist!

What do you think of this show's concept? Will you be watching it?


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