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On October 29th, IZ*ONE has finally debuted with their title track 'La Vie en Rose'. Fans were super excited for the release of their song and could not wait to see them promote of various music shows.

They also held their debut showcase "IZ*ONE SHOW-CON" at 8 pm KST to celebrate their debut. If you have not watched their music video yet, you could find it below.

With their debut, some netizens began to analyze the line distribution for 'La vie En Rose'. They shared the results below and many could see that member YuRi has the highest distribution of 36 seconds.

Netizens Analyze Line Distribution For IZ*ONE 'La Vie en Rose'


HyeWon and Hitomi are assumed to have the least amount of lines as they only get to sing 7.3 and 7.4 seconds respectively.

Although this are not official data, many fans seem to like how the lines were rather well distributed for a group that has 12 members.

Do you agree with them too?


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