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Many may think that the ultimate dream for K-Pop idols is to become famous and continue to pursue their careers in producing music, acting and so on when they become older. However in the case of SeoHyun, she has her eyes set on something different.

SeoHyun wishes to become a diplomat.

Back in the days when she was still an active member of Girls' Generation, she mentioned on TV shows that she has the desire of becoming a diplomat. However, instead of receiving words of encouragement, many netizens commented on her for saying something silly. They thought that she did not know how hard it is to be a diplomat and since she is an idol, it would be even harder for her to commit to her dream.

Netizens Applaud SeoHyun For Working Hard Towards Her Dream


Despite those negative comments, SeoHyun was appointed as the official Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Pavillion's "Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea" in 2012. To show how excited she was, she revealed that she was extremely honored when she received the certificate directly from United Nations' former Secretary-General Ban KiMoon.

Netizens Applaud SeoHyun For Working Hard Towards Her Dream

Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea

Continuing her way to become a diplomat, SeoHyun was noted for her engagement in 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

When the troupe from North Korea was seen performing, SeoHyun appeared as a special guest and performed with them! Her appearance had surprised many as they did not expect her to appear on stage. In addition to that, she also held hand with the North Korean singer. Many saw it as her effort to improve the ties between the Korea Peninsula.

The most recent activity from SeoHyun was her performing in North Korea with other singers such as Red Velvet, Baek JiYoung and so on. During the performance in North Korea, it was also revealed that SeoHyun took the role of the MC.

Netizens Applaud SeoHyun For Working Hard Towards Her Dream

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Netizens Applaud SeoHyun For Working Hard Towards Her Dream

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Looking at what SeoHyun had achieved so far, netizens are clapping for her in pursuing her dream. Although it still may take a while before she becomes a true diplomat, her current involvement in such international events would definitely be helpful for her in the future.

Fans are also supporting her dreams and we wish SeoHyun all the best!


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