Lee DoHyun and Go MinSi are the leads (along with Lee SangYi and Keum SaeRok) of the upcoming KBS romance drama "Youth of May".

The drama tells the love story of HeeTae and MyungHee who fall in love like destiny in the middle of a key historical event: GwangJu Uprising in May 1980. Lee DoHyun is acting as a medical school student and Go MinSi as a nurse.

Netizens Are Already Loving Lee DoHyun & Go MinSi's Chemistry In Upcoming "Youth Of May"


Lee DoHyun is one of the hottest rising actors and has been recognized for his talents in acting. He first was noticed by the public with "Hotel del Luna", and later gained more popularity with "18 Again" and "Sweet Home". As for Go MinSi, she is gaining popularity with her roles in the popular Netflix dramas "Sweet Home" and "Love Alarm".

Many are looking forward to their love story in "Youth of May". Recently, on an online community, netizens have been commenting on the new trailer of the drama.

You can check it below if you have yet to do so.

Netizens have commented under the post on how cute the couple looks and how they love their chemistry already.

On YouTube, they commented: "Their chemistry is not a joke", "This chemistry between Lee DoHyun and Go MinSi is real. I can't wait.", "Wow, their chemistry is burning the air!", "Please make it a happy ending", "Go MinSi and Lee DoHyun look so good together", etc.

Indeed, Lee DoHyun and Go MinSi look perfect together and we cannot wait to see their love story filled with romantic moments and emotions.

The drama premiere on May 3 on KBS.

Are you also looking forward to this adorable couple?


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