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On April 5, Red Velvet's Wendy had debuted as a solo artist with her album "Like Water".

If you have yet to check out the music video for her title track 'Like Water', you can do so below too.

Her voice is so soothing yet powerful at the same time, proving that she is definitely one of the best vocalists out there.

In addition to her long awaited return to the entertainment industry, Wendy had also released a limited edition album for "Like Water". Only has 300 copies were available so it is expected that it was sold out almost immediately.

One fan had already received the limited edition copy and shared pictures online. Check out the original tweet below!

The album looked absolutely gorgeous with flower petals and it seems like Wendy had personally written and signed on a card too.

She wrote that she was really thankful to her fans and appreciate how they always believe, encourage and love her.

After seeing it, many fans who did not manage to get a copy of it hoped that SM Entertainment will produce more copies of the limited edition album.

Adding on, just a while ago, Wendy was also seen packing albums through Red Velvet official Instagram story!

Some were surprised to see Wendy putting photocards into the album directly herself and many also commented that they want to receive the album packed by Wendy.

Seeing how Wendy was packing her own albums for fans, many are talking about how sweet she is. They love her sincerity to fans and mentioned that "they don't deserve her".

It looks like Wendy's return has definitely allowed many fans to rejoice and fall in love with her voice and kind personality.

Do you also want to get a copy of the limited edition "Like Water"?


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