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Not everyone has perfect vision and it is the same for many K-Pop idols! Most of them either put on lens or even go through lasik surgery to improve their eyesight.

Recently on an online community, netizens have been sharing gifs and photos of one particular K-Pop idol who look very different with and without glasses. He is none other than VICTON's ByungChan!

The netizen mentioned that he or she was very surprised to see how different he looked in glasses and mentioned that VICTON's fans, ALICE, should have shared even more photos of ByungChan in glasses as it is bound to get many other people into the fandom.

Netizens Are Shocked By This K-Pop Idol With And Without Glasses

Nate Pann

Here are some gifs of him in glasses.

The netizen continued by mentioning that he or she had never seen him in glasses and love how he looked so different when he was not wearing them.

ByungChan is currently filming the drama "New A-Teen" along with NU'EST's MinHyun and actress Jung DaBin.

Are you also surprised by the difference in glasses for ByungChan?


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Jul 25, 2020 04:43 am

It's Byungchani! He Looks Good with or without Glasses. And Handsome even without Make-up. 😘💙💛