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DIAhad returned with their 6th mini album "Flower 4 Seasons" and title track 'Hug U'. If you have yet to check out their music video, you can do so below.

Their pastel and soft concepts had allowed many of their fans to fall for them all over again and one member had caught the attention of many netizens.

She is none other than YeBin!

Some time ago, YeBin was mentioned for her similar looks to Disney character 'Snow White' and once again, netizens had also compared her to other Disney princesses.

Netizens Compare DIA's YeBin To Disney Princesses

Idol Issue

Aside from 'Snow White', many believed that YeBin has resemblance to 'Elsa' as well as 'Cinderella' thanks to how she had changed her hair colour and grew her hair out.

Through numerous occasions, YeBin has once again amazed many with her visuals.

Currently, DIA is promoting 'Hug U' on various music shows.

Do you agree with what the netizens are saying?


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