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Recently on online communities, netizens have noticed something interesting between the camera work for music shows in Korea and Japan.

They put two stage performances of IZ*ONE debut title track 'La Vie en Rose' side by side! You can check out the difference below.

Looking at the Korean stage, it seemed like the cameramen tend to focus more on individual members whereas the cameramen in Japan prefer to capture the performance as a whole.

In addition to that, the cameramen in Korea also like to switch from cameras to cameras whereas the one in Japan prefer to have slower camera zooms and switching of camera.

Netizens Compare Difference In Camera Work For IZ*ONE 'La Vie en Rose' In Korea & Japan

IZ*ONE Twitter

Netizens talk about how it is interesting to see how cameramen from different countries had recorded the stage performance. Both countries' cameramen have their own unique style and they also enjoy seeing 'La Vie en Rose' from a different perspective.

Which one do you prefer?


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