Netizens Criticize Photographer Who Assaulted Female SM Entertainment Employee



Netizens of a popular online community in South Korea have been recently shocked by the way a male photographer behaved towards a female SM Entertainment employee.

The incident occurred at the Incheon International Airport on July 5th, when TaeYeon was going about to her overseas schedule.

In the video clip that was uploaded on Twitter, the male photographer literally grabs the female employee’s t-shirt so hard that it nearly falls completely off of her upper body.


While the exact reasons for this altercation has not yet been revealed, word has it that the reason why the photographer did what he did was because the female SM employee blocked his view of TaeYeon.

It’s been usually K-Pop entertainment agency staff members and bodyguards who were aggressive towards journalists in the past, but it seems that the roles have been reversed this time.


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