In case you haven't heard, South Korean rapper Zico is among the artist lineup that will accompany president Moon JaeIn to North Korea.

And netizens have been talking about what song he might sing when performing for the neighboring country. Why? It turns out that someone reminded netizens that some of his songs contain lyrics that heavily promote capitalism. It has of course, drawn out a few laughs here and there as the lyrics to his song 'Yes Or No' seem to be a message that isn't exactly the best to deliver to a country that the nation is trying to rebuild a relationship with.

Part of the lyrics of 'Yes Or No' translate as the following below:

"I'm not your friend, I'm also not your family, nor your associate. What you make in a year is my monthly expense. I can't even leave my car keys out for you to see because it would be embarrassing for you."

Hopefully, 'Yes Or No' won't be his song of choice to perform in North Korea.


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