As the survival program Produce 48 draws closer to its end, viewers who are losing interest or don't care anymore are increasing. It seems they've lost hope in the "mysterious viewers" who are voting for the current top ranking idol trainees and the producers of the show as well.

In the midst of this, people have been talking about JYP Entertainment CEO Park JinYoung for his talent in producing successful K-Pop idol girl groups. After all, he is responsible for Wonder Girls, Miss A and TWICE.

Netizens Debate Over JYP's Ingenius Amidst Produce 48 Mess

JYP Entertainment

One netizen stated

"He knows what kind of mess will come up if you really leave the audience to pick the group members. He knows how to ignore criticism from the mass and stick to what is important in order not to compromise quality."

In addition, supporters of JYP have also stated that Park JinYoung differs from the standards of Produce 48 as he doesn't put as much emphasis on appearances and visuals as the survival program does.

Of course, comparing Produce 48 to a K-Pop music producer isn't exactly the best way to attempt to measure the competence of neither, but do JYP supporters have a point? Is Park JinYoung potentially the best at producing girl groups? Is Produce 48 a mess?


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