Netizens have recently been talking about how unfortunate it is for Lovelyz member Baby Soul, as they discovered that related search words next to her name on Naver were full of negativity.

It's bad enough that two celebrities passed away this year most likely due to the stress and pain caused by malicious comments online, and it seems that some netizens have no intentions of stopping or changing their ways.

One netizen uploaded as evidence to show just how much negativity surrounds Baby Soul when her name is searched on Naver.

Netizens Feel Sorry For Lovelyz Baby Soul Because Of Related Search Words


Some of the related search terms are:

"Baby Soul ugly"

"Lovelyz Baby Soul fat".

And you might be wondering just when all the toxic and hate will end. Just how much more devastating events must happen for people to realize that judging a person's appearance and leaving malicious comments can have seriously detrimental consequences?

You can check out the original post here.

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