South Korean actor Kang DongWon has been criticized for not speaking the way netizens feel that he should speak during his movies back in 2010 and even up until now. Netizens have been talking about it again lately and it seems that many still haven't given up on getting the message across to the actor.

How exactly?

For those who may not be aware, the Korean language has different dialects, apart from the standardized Seoul dialect. Kang DongWon, uses a satoori dialect that is distinctive within people from the southern part of South Korea since he is from Busan.

While netizens don't seem to have a problem with the way he speaks off screen, they have been criticizing the actor for not fixing the dialect when he plays the role of a character in a setting that place within Seoul. What irked them more was his response when he stated that he felt he had no reason to try and fix it.

Netizens have stated that his attitude was bad for the way he responded and also believed he should put in more effort to listen to what his fans and netizens suggest. In addition, other netizens have criticized the actor by saying

"I wouldn't be complaining if he was actually a good actor. Unfortunately, he's not. Which is why this is even more annoying."

"Does it make sense for a British actor to use British accent when playing the role of an American?"

Do you think Kang DongWon should put in more effort to change his dialect when he is acting?


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