Netizens Find The Reactions Of “Produce X 101” Trainees Dancing To ‘Move’ Speed X2 Hilarious

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Netizens Find The Reactions Of “Produce X 101” Trainees Dancing To ‘Move’ Speed X2 Hilarious

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Did you already watch the concept stage performances for Mnet “Produce X 101”? If you already did, you would have noticed that all of the trainees looked exceptionally good on stage!

On July 8, Mnet had released special clips of the trainees dancing twice the speed to their songs! Some of them were able to pull of the dance perfectly whereas some ended up losing their footing or even laughing at themselves.

On online communities, many netizens talked about how hilarious the reaction of team ‘Move’ was when they heard the music being played twice the speed!

Trainees Jo SeungYeon, Kim KookHeon and Lee JinHyuk seemed to be very surprised and had their eyes widened in surprise!

During the bridge of the song, Choi ByungChan also appeared to have ‘accidentally’ grabbed Kim KookHeon’s face by mistake! Both of them ended up laughing at the funny situation.

Some netizens also pointed out that since the music was played faster, they could not tell what Kim KookHeon was dancing. They suggested that it looked similar to Korea traditional mask dance.

Needless to say, Kim KookHeon and Lee JinHyk were also seen confused by what they were doing!

Through the short video, it seemed that the trainees had given their fans and viewers laughter. You can watch the full video below!

It was reported that all 31 trainees will be appearing on this week’s Mnet “Mcountdown”.

Did you find it hilarious too?


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