Netizens Finds TWICE Mina Was Born In A Rich Family

TWICE‘s Mina was reveled to be born in an affluent family.

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Among K-Pop fans,  TWICE’s Mina’s family  and Mina’s elite high school experience are their topics. Mina has been known as a Japanese girl, however, recently netizens found that Mina was born in US. According to the law in US, Mina has dual nationality. The reason why she was born in US was her father, a chief of orthopedics in Osaka University hospital, worked in Texas university medical center once. 

Later, Mina entered Japan, practicing ballet for 11 years in private elite girl school. According to netizens, the school where Mina had studied ballet is famous for expensive tuition. 

Meanwhile, fans are saying that Mina looks elegant like a rich girl, as you can see her perfect looks with expensive bags and other clothes. 


Mina, TWICE Mina


Mina, TWICE Mina

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Airport Fashion 101: JungYeon of TWICE

JungYeon, among the beautiful members of TWICE, has a clear color of her own. She doesn’t have the typical goddess look such as a long curly hair, but she has the cat look with her short cut hair, big sharp eyes and chic yet sweet personality.

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JungYeon is one of the girl idols who are called “handsome” rather than pretty. It’s true that she doesn’t look so girlish as rest of the members, but no one can deny, she is the most handsome member among the group and more over among girl idols. Her features are very neutral, which lures both male and female fans.

Because her style is very neutral, she fits pretty well with most of the clothes from the most girlish ones like cheer leading suits to boyish looks like a cap and a jumper.

Here are some of JungYeon’s style caught in the airport!

1st – Her Identity, CHIC as a BLACK CAT

JungYeon, TWICE, Airport TWICE profile

J_Y_MOM / exsponews / asia today / star journel


2nd – She knows how to handle big bright colors

JungYeon, TWICE, Airport TWICE profile

The Studio Spinel / UTIFUL


3rd – Being Boyish and Girlish at the same time

JungYeon, TWICE, Airport TWICE profile

intronews / DC Gallary


4th – The Baby Boy Fashion

JungYeon, TWICE, Airport TWICE profile


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Who is Who? JungYeon of Twice Finds Herself in Her Older Sister

JungYeon of TWICE had a style of her own. She didn’t really have someone looking alike with her within celebrities. Her pixie hair was like her symbol, and though she let her hair grow a little longer, she still didn’t look so much alike with celebs with short hair.

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However, recently, her replica was found. The cat eyes, the sharp noes, the fair skin and the short hair. Not to mention the chic aurora JungYeon had. Can you guess who could possibly have such similarities?

JungYeon,TWICE, JungYeon and Gong SeungYeon

DC Gallary / JungYeon Instagram

It’s Gong SeungYeon, an actress, who is also known as JungYeon’s older sister!

She doesn’t really look alike with her younger sister, did she? Yes she did not, in the past. 

However, in the latest selfie SeungYeon posted, she appeared to have a short hair. Fans say, sane bloodline cannot not be hidden, which means those who share DNA cannot help but to look alike. 

JungYeon,TWICE, JungYeon and Gong SeungYeon

DC Gallary / JungYeon Instagram

So, what about you? Do you look alike with your sisters and brother? Or do you already hate to being similar.

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KyungRi Of 9MUSES Wants To Become TWICE Sana’s Friend

KyungRi confessed her good feeling on TWICE‘s Sana on TV interview.

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Birds of a feather flock together. Like attracts like. Like draws like. As all these sayings show, lovely girls fancy lovely girls. KyungRi of 9MUSES expressed her favor of Sana on interview. The reporter asked KyungRi which junior idols does she want to be closer with and KyungRi answered it’s Sana. She told that Sana is too cute to her eyes, so she wants to be Sana’s mate. Also, KyugRi already revealed that she is a fan of Sana on KyungRi’s twitter. How cute both of them are! Fans are anticipating dramatic meeting between them soon. Just seeing Sana and KyungRi together will make us happy. Let’s wait for Sana and KyungRi to meet each other! 


KyungRi, 9MUSES, 9MUSES KyungRi, 2017 KyungRi

star empire entertainment

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Koo JunHoe of iKon Gets Heavily Condemned of Mocking Momo of TWICE

Koo JunHoe of iKon has been condemned for mocking Momo of TWICE by imitating her mispronunciation on radio.

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Goo JunHoe, Goo JungHoe Momo Controversy, Momo of TWICE, Goo JungHoe Mocks Momo, Lee GukJoo Young Street iKon, iKon


B.I and BOBBY, members from iKon, were daily hosts substituting in for “Lee GukJoo‘s Young Street”, a SBS radio station. Koo JunHoe, another member of iKon, was invited as a guest and his actions are now being a controversy.

The members played game of “Baskin Robbins 31”, where they have to say out loud numbers in a cute adorable way. Bobby perfectly acted out what “being cute”, using his whole body. When it was JunHoe’s turn, he said “Hi, this is Momo of TWICE~ 31!” He pronounced 31 in a weird, inarticulate way, trying to copy Momo, a Japanese member who did not have clear Korean pronunciation. 

Fans of Momo were furious, and said that such careless actions hurt her feelings degrade confidence in speaking.  However, fans of iKon refuted fans of TWICE saying that he was just mimicking and in the process of mimicking he just emphasized the characteristics.

Here is a video of iKon on the radio. The game starts from 34 min 40 sec. Decide yourself whether his actions could be taken as a light joke, or he should be apologizing to her for acting carelessly.

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