South Korean actor Park SeoJoon, who is currently dealing with rumors that say he is dating Park MinYoung, has a lot on his plate at the moment.

Many people believed that his social media activities which somewhat mirrored Park MinYoung's, was "proof' that the two stars were in a relationship.

The actor has so far denied that he was in a relationship with Park MinYoung and responded by saying that his social media posts being the same as the actress's is only just a mere coincidence.

In the midst of this, netizens have been making an issue over his past interview in which he stated

"I want my wife to be someone who doesn't focus on her career and only on raising her family. I was raised in that environment and I want my child to grow up in the same one. Children who don't receive love as a child often end up with lots of problems as adults. They can even potentially end up as criminals"

This was a response to when he was talking about how being a good dad was a goal in his life apart from acting.

He also stated about his future wife that she should be someone whom he can protect and love while also adding that tall, beautiful, and strong women can do well in life on their own.

Many people are divided on their opinions about his response to the interview questions. However, some have been hitting back asking "Does he really think all tall and beautiful women can do well on their own? Seems a little shallow."

Others have defended him saying :"He's talking about his future wife, not all women. It doesn't apply to everyone."


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Adelina Crudu
Adelina Crudu
Jan 18, 2021 09:48 pm

What interview is this from? What is the official source?