Produce 48 idol trainee Lee ChaeYeon has blown away viewers with her amazing skills in dancing and performance in general. The judges too have been mesmerized by her natural talent.

But what irks netizens is the notion that she is not widely accepted by other idol trainees because she lacks confidence in her appearance. When she was asked why she didn't try out for the center position, she responded by saying that she lacked what she thought were two important defining elements of a center position idol, which were visuals and confidence.

Netizens Revisit Produce 48 ChaeYeon's Heart Breaking Moment And Discuss Center Position


However, even Lee HongKi has sternly reminded all the participants that being a center isn't always about being the most beautiful. He said out in frustration before that a center's role is to get the audience to see the entire group as shining stars, to be able to enhance all the other members' presence rather than to steal the spotlight from them.

Many South Korean viewers have been discussing about the qualities that a center position idol should have. Naturally, the majority have stated that it's a difficult position since it requires both the most skills and best visuals as well.

Which idol on Produce 48 do you think is deserving of the center position? Why?


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