BIGBANG member SeungRi, currently dealing with accusations of soliciting prostitutes for business investors and having connections to the Burning Sun scandal, has been receiving a lot of bad publicity lately.

Netizens revisited an old clip of him making a small speech during a BIGBANG concert that took place back in 2017. With so much news about organized crime, drug distribution, and corruption circulating at the moment, netizens have been interpreting SeungRi's statement made back in 2017 in a different perspective at the moment.

In between the BIGBANG performance in 2017, SeungRi talked about how all five members were soon going to have to enlist in the military service.

Below is his statement.

"VIP's, promise us that you won't cheat on us and run off to other idol groups while we're in the army. All of us in BIGBANG are just five Korean men and going off to the army is inevitable."

DaeSung in between cut him off and asked

"Can we please stop talking about it now? I thought we were done discussing about it?"

SeungRi continued.

"If you guys cheat on us, I'm going to hunt you all down. I'm going to let loose some of the guys I know. I know a lot of scary people in Cheongdam. Also around Gangnam station as well."

You can check out the video clip below.


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