Netizens Share The 5 K-Pop Male Groups They Wish To See On “Queendom” Spin Off, “Kingdom”

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Netizens Share The 5 K-Pop Male Groups They Wish To See On “Queendom” Spin Off, “Kingdom”

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NU'EST Official / VICTON Official / ASTRO Official / MONSTA X Official

Mnet “Queendom” is undeniably one of the most talked about shows in the K-Pop community these days.

For those who still do not know what “Queendom” is about, it is a program by Mnet that has 6 K-Pop girl groups (Lovelyz , OH MY GIRL , MAMAMOO , (G)I-DLE , AOA and Park Bom ) competing in a comeback showdown. For the past few weeks, viewers were able to see the girl groups covering each other’s hit tracks as well as giving a twist to their original song.

With “Queendom” being a hit, there were many saying that there might be a chance that it’s spinoff, “Kingdom” will be happening. Previously, it was mentioned by the PD of “Queendom” that there is plans for “Kingdom” to happen if “Queendom” is well received during the press conference.

Seeing how “Queendom” is currently doing well, many netizens also begin to wonder and talk about which male K-Pop groups they wish to see.



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NU’EST debuted back in 2012 and it is no doubt one of their hit tracks is ‘Hello’. If they were to go onto “Kingdom”, many would love to see them perform to ‘Hello’ or even a new version of the song.

It is also reported that they will be coming back with their 7th mini album “The Table” on Oct. 21.



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MONSTA X Official Twitter

Many would know that MONSTA X is currently one of the K-Pop groups that are doing really well and if they were to appear on “Kingdom”, many are hoping that they will be performing to ‘DRAMARAMA’.

It is the song which allowed them to get their very first win on music show, giving many of their fans, MONBEBE, a huge meaning behind this song.

MONSTA X is also reported to be coming back with their mini album “FOLLOW : FIND YOU” on Oct. 28.



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ASTRO Official Twitter

Dubbed with the nickname “refreshing idols” ever since their debut, many are also interested in seeing ASTRO on “Kingdom”. With that being said, some are also hoping that the 6 idols will be performing their hit song ‘Confession’ that had caused many of their fans to squeal because of the heart fluttering lyrics.



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SEVENTEEN Japan Twitter

It is surprising to see how some are also hoping that SEVENTEEN would be part of the lineup if “Kingdom” was to take place. Seeing how they consist of 13 members, many are saying that they will be able to impress even more with their highly synchronized choreography and synergy.

They also suggest that their hit song ‘MANSAE’ would be a good choice for performance.



victon, victon profile, victon facts, victon height, victon facts, victon leader, victon comeback, victon kingdom

VICTON Official Instagram

VICTON has been gaining attention from many these days ever since the appearance of X1 ‘s Han SeungWoo and member ByungChan on Mnet “Produce X 101”. Thanks to the opportunity, it appears that many are also hoping to see other sides of them through “Kingdom”.

Their most recent track ‘Time Of Sorrow’ is picked by many as one of their favorite songs from the group.

VICTON is also noted to be coming back on Nov. 4.


Share with us below your comments on which other groups you hope to see on “Kingdom”!


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I want to see BTS


I get what a couple of you are saying, but the show would be called Kingdom, and seeing as Queendom had very popular girl groups, it wouldn’t make sense to choose lesser known or less popular male groups for this particular program. And even if they did, they still would include popular groups to draw in more viewers


Imfact, 100%, in2it, snuper, bigflo, and MVP.I feel like the groups above already have reconition, especially seventeen, and nu’est becoming pretty big after produce, same goes for victon. Monsta x and astro is already pretty well known as well.


Is it bad that I sorta wanted ikon to go on kingdom???


Current ikon or OG ikon


Half of these groups shouldn’t even be on this list since they are already so popular. There are lesser k own groups that need the coverage and exposure