Netizens Speculate Sulli’s Wrist Injury as a Suicide Attempt

Netizens cross the line way too far in relation to Sulli’s recent hospitalization for her wrist injury.

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According to news outlets, Sulli – former member of f(x) – was brought to the Seoul University Hospital late last night for a deep cut on her wrist. The idol has received the proper treatment and has since returned home to rest and heal.

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Seoul University Hospital’s representative stated, “Actress Sulli checked into our ER this morning… There was a cut about 5 cm long on her left wrist that was deep enough to see her muscles. Sh received immediate emergency care.” It was also reported that the idol received an X-Ray to carefully review her situation.

SM Entertainment also spoke up about the situation, “After we checked we Sulli, we found out that she had an arm injury due to a house hold accident. She went to get treated early this morning and is currently recovering.”

With the sudden news of Sulli’s injury, netizens were quick to express their condolences. However, there were those who were quick to accuse the idol of a suicide attempt. Negative comments included, “It was clearly a suicide attempt…”, “I bet it was because of relationship problems”, “She was always causing trouble, you can see the suicidal warnings on her Instagram” and more.

We hope for the quick and safe recovery of Sulli and the end to any rumors based off of groundless assumptions.

Former f(x) Sulli Seen Partying It Up at a Club

Everybody to the dance floor!

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On April 24, a video of Sulli dancing the night away at a club was posted on YouTube. The former idol girl group member was seen having a good time as she danced and laughed with her peers. Despite the backlash from her latest Instagram posts, netizens have been expressing approval and even envy towards this carefree Sulli. Some netizens commented, “She looks good to me! It’s nice to see someone her age having fun without a care in the world”, “She looks like she’s having fun” and “Korea needs celebrities with this kind of image too.”

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How do you feel about f(x)’s former maknae?

f(x) Sulli and Dynamic Duo Choiza Still Have a Good Relationship


f(x) Sulli goes steady with Choiza

Last August, Dispatch unveiled that f(x) Sulli’ and Dynamic Duo’s Choiza have been dating for almost 1 year in secrecy. The two was sparked back in August 2013. The top idol’s relationship sent shock waves throughout fans around the world and arouse tremendous reactions from Korean mass media and foreign press. Under the eyewitnesses, The couple still continues to maintain good relation. 


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As you can see the date of this conversation is August 1. This is a picture taken at a lounge, the couple had smiles on their faces by looking at a phone. Looked like they are having a good time.

About recent issue sulli choiza, her agency, SM Entertainment, didn’t mention whether f(x) will be remained in detail.