Netizens Suspect Sajaegi Chart Manipulation After N. Flying Wins ‘The Show’

K-Pop idol band N.Flying recently got their first number one win on a music program on March 5th, as they were announced as the winners on SBS MTV ‘The Show’.

This is the first time that they have ever received first place on a music program ever since their debut back in 2015.

However, it seems that netizens are suspecting foul play as N.Flying’s song ‘Rooftop’ has suddenly been climbing the charts after months since its release, something that is uncommon to witness within the K-Pop music industry.

This is where N.Flying’s senior idol Lee HongKi of FTISLAND stepped in to defend them, saying that their agency FNC Entertainment would never engage in such actions.

You can check out his Instagram post below.


‘My babies..congratulations to all of you. I think I’m going to cry. Let’s become a greater band!!! Ps The FNC Entertainment that I know isn’t one to engage in what the bull crap rumors are claiming that they did. Please encourage these guys for doing their best.”


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