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On June 13, an exclusive article by Korean media, Sports Dongah, reported that I.O.I  will be reuniting once again with 9 members.

Previously, there already had been several reports about the girls coming together once again. However, the reunification of I.O.I was clarified as a false news by CJ Entertainment.

With that being said, such article had surfaced once again causing confusion to some. Below the article by Sports Dongah, there were many netizens who thought that I.O.I was being used to cover up for B.I‘s incident which became a big issue a day ago.

Korean media, Dispatch, had released report of B.I’s attempt in purchasing LSD (drug) but he had stated through his Instagram that he had not taken the drug. Later on, it was said that YG Entertainment had also terminated his contract.

Netizens Think I.O.I News About Reuniting Again Is A Cover Up For B.I’s Incident

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Netizens mentioned that previously a similar article like this was released when an incident happen to YG Entertianment. One was also furious that they had to use something like this to distract the public.

What do you think about this?


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