New Girl Group Condemned for Copying TWICE

LIP BUBBLE is a new girl group who debuted on March 22nd, and now they are being condemned for copying concept of TWICE‘s “Cheer Up”.

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LIP BUBBLE released a song ‘Popcorn’, and the concept of their song was cheerleaders. Also, their background for album photos was the stadium. All of the factors were all quite similar to that of TWICE when they sang ‘Cheeer Up’.


Some fans say that the concept is not owned by TWICE, so they do not have to be condemned, while the others say that, they are trying to get attention by being an issue.

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Suzy Gets Involved in “Lolita” Controversy

MISS A’s member Suzy has gotten involved in a “Lolita” controversy with photos from the past.

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The photos that are involved in this controversy is from “Suzy? Suzy”, Suzy’s first photo book from November, 2015.

“Lolita” contents are often criticized for its connection with “pedophilia”. And in the discussed photos, many items that reminds one of Lolita complex shows up. Despite the photographer explaining that the photoshoot did not have Lolita theme in consideration, items like crayon, flower hairpin, and holding onto a book with princesses on it has been accused of evoking Lolita complex ideas. Netizens are leaving many posts on SNS and various other websites, calling for Suzy to respond to the controversy.

JYP Entertainment later responded on this controversy, announcing that they will legally confront this matter. “The post that only took a few of the photo book and wordings is groundless. The location and the outfit has been chosen with the intention to sharpen the focus on “oldies”, “kitsch” feeling, and the original intentions of the photos have nothing to do with the controversy that’s being discussed right now.”

JYP Entertainment continued, “Distribution of this photo book is an infringement of copyrights and portrait rights, and posts with malicious intentions, malicious comments, and all related personal attacks will be confronted with legal actions.”

What do you think about the photos that are being discussed?

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Cube Entertainment States Their Position on BEAST Name Controversy

Cube Entertainment stated their current position on the “BEAST” name controversy.

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On 10th, Cube Entertainment announced that Jang HyunSeung will be returning to BEAST to form a new 3-member “BEAST”. This was news that surprised the fans, the 5 former BEAST members, and Jang HyunSeung himself.

The 5 BEAST members created their own management company named “Around Us Entertainment” after their contract with Cube Entertainment expired. Afterwards, Cube and BEAST have been in conflict over the use of “BEAST” group name. Cube had already registered for trademark rights with “BEAST” and songs BEAST released, and the 5 members were unable to use the name due to the registration.

Their negotiations did not come through easily. Though Around Us representative said “We are in the midst of discussion over the matter”, Cube said “We did not receive any phone calls”, showing conflicting positions on the matter.

And in the midst of this, Jang HyunSeung renewed his contract with Cube, and resumed his musician activities again with a special album. The 5 former BEAST members also began their activities in various fields, from music to variety shows. Of course, they performed their activities with their own names instead of “BEAST”.

When Cube announced that they will create a 3-member BEAST, Around Us Entertainment was also surprised by this news. They said “Even yesterday, we had a discussion over the name.” Even Jang HyunSeung, who supposedly is returning to BEAST, posted on his SNS that he’s never heard this. The post was deleted soon after.

The news caused a stir as fans expressed their shock and anger with Cube. Angry fans and netizens demanded an explanation from Cube, which Cube did not answer to.

Cube showed this position again on 16th. In a phone call with TV Daily, they said “There’s nothing we can say at the moment. Sorry.” And that “We will make an official statement when something is decided.”

Around US Entertainment’s representative said “We are still trying to talk with them, but we have not received any feedback.” And continued “Whatever their position is, there has to be some sort of feedback for the five members to prepare their future activities.”, showing their disappointment.

In Cube’s position, it’s hard to change or take back an announcement that even used the “Hong SeungSung” president’s name. But it’s questionable whether they will be able to come up with something that could calm the angry fans.

The public is keeping an eye on how this controversy will wrap up.

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