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N.Flying finally has their song on the top of music chart for the first time, 4 years after their debut.

On Feb. 18, according to Bugs Music Chart 11 pm standard, 'Rooftop' has climbed on to top of the chart. This is a first since their debut 4 years ago, causing many to think that it is a miracle. Aside from Bugs Music Chart, the song reached the 4th on Genie Music Chart and also the 17th on Melon Music Chart.

'Rooftop' was released previously on Jan. 2, through their second single, "FLY HIGH PROJECT". The boys performed the unreleased stage for 'Rooftop' during their Japanese performance last year.

N.Flying 'Rooftop' Rises To Top Spot On Music Chart, A First Since Debut

FNC Entertainment

It was also reported that 'Rooftop' had fallen beyond the 1000th position on music charts back in January. As such, many fans also call it a miracle and a 'trip to the past'.

For those who may not know, 'Rooftop' was composed and written by leader Lee SeungHyub. It is a song that expresses the daily moments of how lovers look and enjoy the night scenery together on the rooftop of a building.

Fans are more than happy to see how well the boys are doing.

Are you also happy for their achievements?


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