North American EXO Fans Got Taken By A Scam Site?

It is well known that EXO will hold their first North American tour, EXO FROM EXOPLANET #2 The EXO’luXion Tour in North America’, in 5 cities of North America this February.

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Thus, many EXO fans in North America have been excited for their loving idol’s landing on their continent. My Music Taste, which have put a lot of K-pop stars’ world tours through, is in charge of the EXO’s North America concerts. MMT is a fan-initiated concert making platform that let artists go where their fans are.

EXO american tour 2016 Link :

 For this North American tour, the global fans were asked to vote for which city they wanted the most to hold the concert through ‘My Music Taste’. The way of voting was to sign-in, then, choose EXO ARTIST, select the city you like, and, finally, click ‘MAKE’.

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exo north american tour

Through the MAKE process, the 5 most wanted cities, LA, Vancouver, Dallas, Chicago, and NYC were picked. However, some fans, living in Atlanta and Toronto, where unfortunately unpicked, raised a question whether the ‘MAKE’ process was really fair.

According to fans who wished for Atlanta and Toronto, near the end of selecting cities, the ‘MAKE’ process, the speed of voting rate for certain cities rose sharply and this sudden jump was very abnormal, so they started to doubt about it. They also asserted that some accounts, participating in ‘MAKE’ to Vancouver, New York and Chicago, have been caught as fake After they traced some accounts.

According to them, those accounts, which were involved in the sudden increase of ‘Makes’, are all fake. They also added that they have found there was a same pattern, used for naming ID of those accounts.
The caught ID pattern, according to their assertion, is ‘Color-animal-number’. For better understanding, the links below show the examples.

From Vancouver :

From NYC :


The links below are different two accounts in different regions having same photo with same patterned ID out of all the fans suggested.

Vancouver :


The fans asserted that this kind of accounts and photos seem scam.


MMT, finally, responded to the fan’s risen doubts on their official FACEBOOK webpage as below.

mmt announcement exo north america

Link :

EXO’s numerous global fans might look forward to their loving idol’s North American Tour. It is expected EXO’s impressive performances will soothe their fans, who must be discouraged at the fact that their desired cities were not picked unfortunately. Besides, it is noteworthy whether EXO will step forward to be a world star via their North American Tour in the following February.

Interpretation Of EXO “Sing For You” MV

The interpretation of EXO MV ‘Sing For You’ is here for you.

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EXO are happy for playing in the snow. This is not earth, but Pluto or the moon of Pluto, Charon. From the probe New Horizons, it was viewed that a heart and whale like shapes lay down on the Pluto’s surface. Each member represents one emotion.

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exo sing for you

In the middle of party time, Sehun goes out to get something with a serious look.

sehun exo sing for you

Kai represents ‘chaos’ and Sehun ‘anxiety’. These two youngest boys are interpreted as showing immature spirit.

Kai became immersed in his own dancing.

kai exo sing for you

Sehun starts dangerous wandering space by himself.

sehun exo sing for you

The fight between Suho and Chanyeol has become violent more and more.

suho chanyeol sing for you exo

Chanyeol represents ‘anger & fire’, and suho ‘responsibility & water’.

It is like something going wrong. People surrounding disappeared suddenly, and each member is left alone.

kai dancing sing for you

For better understanding, in the first place, all members had some supernatural power and it was well acquired and handled by each except the youngest immature Sehun in the teaser, before EXO’s debut. Thus, it was interpreted as Sehun could not safely return from his first space trip.

exo teaser sing for you

A humpback whale appear, assumed to be fans, in front of him and lets him know he gets lost and how dangerous there is. The smart whale tries to communicate with Sehun with its gesture expressing that here is very dangerous for you as a small creature, so go up hurry.

sehun talking whale sing for you

At that time, Kai ends his wandering near on ground, reminds the ball playing with Xiumin and runs to where the other members gathered. When Kai faces Dio’s driving car, the humpback whale quickly passes at the back of Kai. This is interpreted as the whale responds to Kai’s dance.

kai running exo sing for you

After the chaos all calms down, friendship is regained.

xiumin sing for you

Now, anger gets calmed, so, to take a rest, responsibility comes back and lies down next to anger. This scene, perhaps, means the safe return of Sehun.

suho chanyeol sing for you exo

In conclusion, the reason why all the scenes are black and white is because they are all caught by whale’s perspective. Indeed, every whale is colorblind.

Top 10 The Most-Watched YouTube Kpop Videos : As of Early December

Let’s look over which K-pop musicians stand on the top 10 rank of the most viewed K-pop music videos at YouTube.

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Anyone, who is sure not to know K-pop music at first, must have heard the specialized pop sound of K-pop artists’ Music Videos on YouTube. If really never be exposed, he or she will become naturally curious about the K-pop, when it turns on. K-pop has been issued for its glamorous performances, and those with fast-tempo fancy music are well emerged in the MVs. Besides, Korea’s advanced media technology enables more vivid descriptions on the MVs and, finally, give viewers full understanding of the music. That’s why we love K-pop MVs.

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We, K-Pop Map, have compiled the most viewed K-pop music videos on YouTube for K-pop lovers all over the world. We will look over the top ten of them.

BIG BANG, again, win the top 2, 85,647,819 views for ‘Bang Bang Bang’ and 74,156,372 views for ‘Loser’, and got total 5 out of the top 10 rank. They continuously dominate over K-pop music market and their remarkable accomplishment reflects their status on the video-sharing website, YouTube. Following the invincible BIG BANG, EXO got the third and, also, 10th. EXO have accumulated popularity, and now enormous global fans love them. This is well drawn on the chart. Before the return of Big Bang, in the first half of the year, EXO’s ‘Call Me Baby’ MV was, actually, the most viewed K-pop video on YouTube. The new K-pop king’s popularity is immense. The music video, which was released just about eight months ago, has achieved 65,478,279 views as of today, Dec 8.


Top Trending Kpop Videos in the month of December, 2015

Period : 150101~151208

Standard : over 10 million views


1. BIG BANG – Bang Bang Bang 

85.66 millions


2. Big Bang – Loser

74.16 millions


3. EXO – Call Me Baby

65.48 millions

The 4th is placed by Big Bang. Their Music video ‘Bae Bae’ has achieved 50,501,506 views. This is the third time Big Bang appear on the rank from the top. Girl groups’ attainments are also noteworthy. There are three girl groups, getting one each, on the rank, and SNSD, Girls’ Generation, wins over the other two. SNSD’s ‘Party’ is ranked at the 5th, and has got 47,573,015 views. The 6th is Big Bang, again. ‘LET’S NOT FALL IN LOVE’ has achieved 43,349,019 views.


4. Big Bang – Bae Bae

50.50 millions


5. SNSD – Party

47.57 millions


6. Big Bang – Let’s Not Fall In Love

43.35 millions

As mentioned above, girl groups still survive in the top 10 rank. The SEXY girl group, 4MINUTE, is ranked at the 7th. Their ‘Crazy’ MV has got 41,817,098 views. The music video was released in Feb. 2015, and has been loved so far. Big Bang is being sandwiched between two girl groups. Again, Big Bang’s ‘SOBER’ wins the 8th, and has accumulated 2,001,311 views. ‘Only You’ of the lovely girl group, Miss A, is at the 9th. Finally, EXO’s ‘Love Me Right’ got the 10th, and completes the 10 rank. Congratulations, you all K-pop stars!!


7. 4MINUTE – Crazy

41.82 millions


8. Big Bang – SOBER

39.50 millions


9. Miss A – Only You

39.00 millions


10. EXO – Love Me Right

36.00 millions

[ Total Ranking ]

1st > 85.66 millions (+860 thousands) BIG BANG – Bang Bang Bang 
2nd> 74.16 millions (+390 thousands) BIG BANG – Loser
3rd > 65.48 millions(+260 thousands) EXO – Call Me Baby
4th > 50.50 millions (+260 thousands) BIG BANG – Bae Bae
5th > 47.57 millions (+350 thousands) Girls’ Generation – Party
6th > 43.35 millions (+390 thousands) BIG BANG – LET’S NOT FALL IN LOVE  ▲ 1
7th > 41.82 millions (+240 thousands) 4Minute – Crazy 
8th > 39.50 millions (+280 thousands) BIG BANG – SOBER
9th > 39.00 millions (+140 thousands) Miss A – Only You ▼ 1
Top 10 > 36.00 millions (+180 thousands) EXO – Love Me Right

11th > 34.13 millions (+150 thousands) Girls’ Generation – Catch Me If You Can 
12th > 32.03 millions (+430 thousands) Girls’ Generation – Lion Heart   
13th > 31.48 millions (+300 thousands)  GOT7 – Just Right  ▲ 2
14th > 30.99 millions (+800 thousands) Taeyeon – I ▲ 3
15th > 29.66 millions (+200 thousands) BIG BANG – We Like 2 Party
16th > 28.10 millions (+380 thousands) BTS – DOPE
17th > 27.68 millions (+741 thousands) PSY – DADDY ▲▲
18th > 25.45 millions (+140 thousands) EXID – Ah yeah ▼ 3 
19th > 23.54 millions (+130 thousands) Red Velvet – Ice Cream Cake ▼ 1
Top 20 >  22.83 millions (+140 thousands) SISTAR – Shake It 

21st > 22.41 millions (+80 thousands) Park Jin Young – Who’s your mama? ▼ 2 
22nd > 21.97 millions (+210 thousands) GD & TOP – JUTTER ▼ 1  
23rd > 19.81 millions (+140 thousands) AOA – Heart Attack ▼ 1

24th > 19.58 millions (+430 thousands) Hyun Ah – Roll Deep ▼ 1 
25th > 19.39 millions (+270 thousands) Red Velvet – Dumb Dumb ▲ 1 
26th > 19.36 millions (+190 thousands) BTS – I Need U ▼ 2  
27th > 17.99 millions (+80 thousands)  SHINee – View ▼ 2
28th > 16.52 millions (+350 thousands) GOT7 – If You Do ▲ 2
29th > 16.45 millions (+210 thousands) Girls’ Generation – You Think ▼ 2
Top 30 > 15.95 millions (+100 thousands) Apink – Remember ▼ 2

MV )) EXO – Sing For You

MV )) EXO – Sing For You

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