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On January 1st, Nu'est's Aron uploaded a post on his Instagram, sharing that he had welcomed a new dog into his family.

According to his post, the dog's name is called 'KKotsooni'. It is a female Shiba Inu of 5 years old.

Fans of Aron would have known that he originally has a dog called Noah and with the addition of Kkotsooni, they are able to keep each other company.

Aron's adoption of Kkotsooni has got the attention of netizens as they realised that Kkotsooni was actually looking for a new home after being abandoned by its previous owner in November 2018. It was quoted that Kkotsooni was abandoned because it was shedding too much fur and had been living in the car park since then.

Nu'est's Aron Reportedly To Have Adopted A Shiba Inu, Shares Picture On Instagram

Idol Issue

Kkotsooni's photos were put up online and according to some, it was said that it was one of Aron's friends who had first rescued and found out about Kkotsooni.

It looks like Aron has graciously decided to give Kkotsooni a new home!

Are you touched by his kind actions?


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