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Bodyguards for K-Pop idols don't exactly have the best reputation. We've seen many of them swear and yell at fans. And in some extreme cases, we've seen bodyguards that literally assault and physically injure fans as well.

NU'EST's Bodyguard Popular Among Fans, Find Out Why


While the subject is controversial, that's not what we want to get into today.

K-Pop boy band NU'EST's bodyguard has been gaining a lot of attention from fans lately for his shockingly warm-hearted and polite behavior towards fans. In fact, some of them sound a little too good to be true. Just recently, the bodyguard reportedly provided water to all the fans who were exhausted from waiting in line for the NU'EST concert. Sounds a lot different from the bodyguards in the past, doesn't it?

Additionally, the bodyguard also helped a lot of the fans who got stuck in fences in an overcrowded arena and made sure they weren't hurt. The bodyguard even approached fans and informed the ones that were waiting for them after the concert that they should rest and come back later because the idols weren't going to be making their way out of the concert arena any time soon by using his cell phone and writing "they're not going to come out yet."

NU'EST's Bodyguard Popular Among Fans, Find Out Why


Who is this mysterious bodyguard that treats.


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