NU'EST will be going back to their trainee days as they decide to participate on Mnet's "Produce 101 Season 2" as contestants.

According to an inside source, the five NU'EST members will be participating in the male version of "Produce 101" - the 2016 sensational debut survival program that debuted I.O.I. JR, Aron, BaekHo, MinHyun and Ren will all be returning as Pledis trainees.

The group debuted 5 years ago in 2012 with their debut album, "FACE". Although they have been active for a significant amount of time, netizens think that he lack of the group's success compared to their label mates was a big factor in the new decision to become trainees again. NU'EST most recently saw moderate success with their 5th mini-album, "CANVAS" back in August 2016.

A source explained, "It's not a bad idea to use the momentum of the first season to raise the group's awareness through the male version of 'Produce 101'."

Netizens believe that other labels will use "Produce 101 Season 2" as a marketing platform to raise awareness for their underrated groups.


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Paula Martins
Paula Martins
Mar 1, 2017 09:03 am

This should not be allowed. I understand they want to raise awareness for their group, but the whole point of this show is to allow trainees to debut at least once (even if they're not able to do so later within their company). NUEST already debuted. I'm sorry, but for me this just makes no sense and is very unfair to other participants (especially because idols who have debuted already have a fanbase and that gives them an advantage to those who are still trainees and pretty much unknown). --'