October Is A Fierce Month For Male K-Pop Idols Comebacks Ft SuperM, MONSTA X, ATEEZ And More


October Is A Fierce Month For Male K-Pop Idols Comebacks Ft SuperM, MONSTA X, ATEEZ And More

ATEEZ Official / MONSTA X Official / Super Junior Official / AB6IX Official

September is coming to an end and October is starting really soon!

With that being said, many K-Pop fans are looking forward to the comebacks that are said to be happening in October. If you are interested to check out the schedule, you can take a look here.

Seeing how so many male K-Pop groups with strong fanbase are returning with new songs and albums, many fans also began to wonder which group will be taking over the charts as well as music shows.


#1 SuperM

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SuperM Official

SuperM consists of SHINee ‘s TaeMin, EXO ‘s BaekHyun, Kai, NCT ‘s Ten, Lucas, TaeYong, and Mark. They will be debuting in the U.S. with their album “SuperM” on Oct. 4 and many already could not wait for their debut!


#2 AB6IX

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Powerhouse rookie, AB6IX will also be returning with their very first full length album “6IXENSE” on Oct. 7. Many of their fans are already going crazy over their teaser photos.



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ATEEZ Official Facebook

We cannot forget ATEEZ too as the boys are dropping their first full length album “TREASURE EP.FIN : All To Action” on Oct. 8. Who else is looking forward to their return?


#4 Super Junior

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Super Junior Official Facebook

The Hallyu kings are returning with their 9th full length album with “Time_Slip” on Oct. 14! Long time fans of these idols are definitely awaiting for the release of their new album.



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NU’EST Official

It feels like there is no break for NU’EST fans as it was announced that they will be coming back on Oct. 21 and holding 3 days of fanmeeting later in November. Although it is unsure if the comeback is going to be a mini album or full length album, many are already excited at their comeback news.


#6 DAY6

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DAY6 Official Facebook

Returning in just 3 months, DAY6 knows how to make their fans really happy! Fans will be able to check out their new songs on Oct. 22!



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MONSTA X who is gaining more and more fans with every comeback is also said to be returning at the end of October! Starship has confirmed the comeback news after several media outlets spotted the boys filming for a music video in LA.


#8 TXT

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TXT Official Facebook

Big Hit Entertainment had previously announced that TXT will be returning with a new album in October after several delays. Although the exact date is yet to be confirmed, many fans are already excited for the group’s first comeback.


Besides these 8 K-Pop groups, VICTON has mentioned that they are aiming for a comeback at the end of October as well.

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VICTON Official / BTS Official

BTS ‘s fans are also speculating that they will be returning with a new release before the encore concert for “LOVE YOURSELF : SPEAK YOURSELF” in Seoul at the end of October.

Share with us who you are looking forward to in October!

Which male K-Pop group comeback are you looking forward?




Super Junior






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