October Rush: 8 K-Pop Solo Comebacks And Debuts

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October Rush: 8 K-Pop Solo Comebacks And Debuts

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Over decades, K-Pop has been so ever changing and many K-Pop fans might have noticed that for the past years, many idols are debuting as a solo artist.

One of the reasons guessed by many is that these idols finally get a chance to show fans the kind of music the love to work on as an individual as well as their unique music taste.

Here are 8 idols who used or are from a K-Pop group that we noticed are either making a solo comeback or debuting as a solo artist in October! Do take note that singers who are originally solo artists are not included in this list.


#1 BTOB ‘s HyunSik

It is HyunSik’s first debut as a solo artist and many of his fans are excited to see “Rendez-vous” being his debut album. The album consists of a total 6 songs and it is said that HyunSik had taken part in the writing, composing and arranging of all of the songs in the album.

Make sure you check out his debut track ‘DEAR LOVE’ music video above!


#2 Jung DaeHyun  (B.A.P)

After Jung DaeHyun’s departure from B.A.P, things are looking pretty well as he had just released another solo album. With his title track ‘Aight’, many fans are able to see his strong return with a catchy, head bobbing track.


#3 YoungJae  (B.A.P)

Another member that first debuted under B.A.P has just released his 2nd mini album! He is none other than YoungJae. Through his energetic music video, fans love to see how amazing he is in dancing and that he is still as good or even better than before!


#4 Girls Generation ‘s TaeYeon 

Vocal powerhouse TaeYeon is back as a solo artist after a long time! Her fans are excited over the news that she will be releasing a new album and they can’t wait to see what she has been preparing.

Some of her hit songs include ‘I’, ‘Why’, ‘Something New’ and many more.

TaeYeon will be dropping her album on Oct. 28, 6 pm KST.


#5 Tiffany Young

It looks like Tiffany Young is also ready to take over this year with her dropping another single this month!

Those who have seen her music video are once again amazed by how gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing it is.


#6 Lovelyz ‘s Kei

Debuting as a solo artist under her real name, Kim JiYeon, Kei had released her first solo album “Over and Over”. Her title track ‘I Go’ is a track that talks about finding hope when a person feels lonely and despair.


#7 YuBin (Wonder Girls)

YuBin is ready to return with a comeback! After her solo debut with ‘Lady’, her fans were impressed at her style of music as it is rather different from the normal K-Pop songs that many hear frequently.

A short teaser suggests something different once again and fans could not wait for Oct. 30, as it is the day she will be coming back!


#8 VIXX ‘s Hyuk

The youngest member of VIXX will be releasing a new single really soon on Oct. 30! His new single which can be translated as ‘I hope your night won’t be painful’ is part of “Four Seasons of Hyuk” project.

Are you curious to find out more about his upcoming single?


Share with us below who you are looking forward to the most!


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