This year the gaming channel OGN is organizing a gaming competition with idols and celebrities named “Game Dolympic”.

An incredible lineup of idols was announced to compete on 5 categories: Arcade games, Virtual reality, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, League of Legends, and Tekken 7. The show was recorded on November 13th.

OGN previously announced that the competitions will be airing from November 23rd. They gave more details about the broadcasting dates.

OGN "Game Dolympic" Announces Broadcasting Dates For Video Games Competition


It is the full version of the games to be broadcast on OGN channel based on KST time.

Opening ceremony & LoL - November 23rd, 8 pm

PUBG - November 24th, 12 pm

Battle Stars VR - November 30th, 8 pm

LoL and Arcade Game - December 1st 12 pm

PUBG - December 7th 8 pm

LoL Final - December 8th 12 pm

For more information about the full lineup of the show and lineup of each game, don't forget to check here.

Are you planning to watch? Did you already start watching?


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